Sweet Story

Once upon a time...

The first thing you'll probably want to know is where we were born, and what our childhoods were like, and all of that JD Salinger kind of crap, but we'll keep it simple (like the ingredients in our ice cream). The gist of it goes something like this:

It was all a Dream

She had me at Hello. Ice Cream that is. From our very first kiss - I mean taste - I knew there was something about Ice Cream that made my heart melt the way my two scoops of Fluffer Nutter Butter on a hot summer day dripped down my waffle cone. We were meant to be. We had a fling in college. I made small batches and brought her to parties. My friends loved her. But young love is fleeting and I knew it was best we go our separate ways. I got a real job. Corporate America. Bought some khakis and tucked in my shirt and sat next to one of those phones with too many buttons. Twelve years I spent next to that phone. Never figured out all the buttons. But I’d still see her around. In the freezer aisle of the grocery store. At all the fancy restaurants. Even in other states and cities and countries. She’d be there. But I kept to the grind. Tucked my shirt in a little tighter. Went back to school to get my MBA. And that’s when it happened. Research project? Ice cream. Case study? Ice cream. Business plan? You get the point. It was all a dream until all of a sudden it wasn’t. Suddenly it became real life. One day, an ice cream shop was up for grabs, on the market, for sale! They say what's meant to be will come back to you. Ice Cream did. My wife, Kristen, (my true love. You knew I was kidding about the whole ice cream love story, right?) and I bought the shop and quit our jobs in 2015. We never looked back. We kept the name (and 16 years of Wilmington history) but went about changing everything else. Creating the ice cream shop of our dreams, and hopefully, your dreams, too. True love will always find a way.

Sweet dreams,


Our Ice Cream Philosophy

Ice Cream is good. Ice Cream made with local NC Grass-fed Dairy is better. Ice Cream without the artificial flavors and colors is better for you. So while our Mint Chocolate Chip isn't green, we think you'll thank us for it. When we say Banana Pudding, we really go bananas. By that, we mean we add real, extra-ripe bananas. Not some syrup that comes in a jar. We're not here to fake you out. We're just here to put the smile in your mouth.

Fresh & Clean

When we say our ice cream is fresh, we mean super fresh. We make every single batch of ice cream right here in Wilmington. And we get our dairy delivery every week. Whatever you’re eating now was in a cow two weeks ago. Does it make things easy? Um, no. But does it make things delicious? You got it.

Mom & Pop

Are we a chain? Nope! We're a Mom & Pop - literally - plus two ice cream loving daughters. We're Wes, Kristen, Airlie and Stella Bechtel. Nice to meet ya! Oh, and we can't forget to give props to our amazing staff.

What's with the name?

Boombalatti's is a made-up name. Since ice cream reminds us of being kids, we're into make-believe. We're ice cream people! Isn't it fun to say?

99 Flavors of Ice Cream on the Wall

On any given Sundae, you could add any of our 99+ flavors to the mix that we have freshly made in the freezer. All three shops carry 20+ homemade flavors at a time including about 16 year-round flavors, vegan/nondairy options and a few seasonal limited releases. Will we keep experimenting with new flavors? With Kristen and Sydney as our Ice Cream Boss Ladies, the answer is 110%!

Vegan & Nondairy? No problem-o!

All three of our shops carry six to eight vegan/nondairy coconut milk-based ice cream flavors each and every day. Yay! We update our Instagram stories daily with available flavors.

Truth or Dare

Either you know or you're down for the count. How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a waffle cone? We dare you to find out.

Wear it Out

Without a party foul, it's tough to wear your ice cream. How do we wear our ice cream? We wear it out. Whether you rep Boombalatti's on your head, on your hoodie or with a bumper sticker on your car, we thank you for reminding the folks around you that ice cream is cool. Literally.

We Don't Scream

I scream. You scream. Hold up. No one’s screaming around here! At Boombalatti’s, it’s more like "I dream. You dream. We ALL dream about Boombalatti’s Ice Cream." While we don't scream, we sure would love a Yelp! shout-out.

1-2-3 Locations + Sprinkles

We have not one, not two, but three locations. Plus, a vintage, traveling ice cream VW Bus. Her name is Sprinkles and she likes to party. As she's quite popular, we suggest booking Sprinkles well in advance for your wedding, corporate event or private party. Vroom. Vroom. BOOM!

The Future of Boombalatti's

Will there be more Boombalatti's? We like to say we're planning on world domination five miles at a time. Know of a sweet spot for a new shop? Let us know! (We're not making any promises.)