Homemade just hits different

Cooler Than
You Thought

Homemade just hits different

Cooler than
you thought

Homemade Just hits different

On any given Sundae, you might choose to add one of over one hundred flavors to your custom ice cream creation. So where is all of this ice cream made? Let's take it to the house because that's where it's all made.

Cooler than you thought

I don't always chill in the walk-in freezer (nicknamed The Big Chill), but when I do, I feel cooler than you'd think. Why? Because we make every single flavor in house. To be a part of that, well, that's an ice cream dream come true. Let me take you on a little tour.


Sydney, Production Manager

Meet Betsy

When we say our ice cream is fresh, we mean we make every single scoop of ice cream right here in Wilmington. And we get our dairy delivery every week. Whatever you’re eating now was in a cow two weeks ago. Before it gets to you, it gets to Betsy (or her younger sister, Luanne). I guess technically they are machines (top-of-the-line Carpigiani machines, to be exact) but I think of them more as family. They are my main squeezes when it comes to combining our ingredients and freezing them all at one time.

Our Ice Cream Philosophy

Ice Cream is good. Ice Cream made with local NC Grass-fed Dairy is better. Ice Cream without the artificial flavors and colors is better for you. So while our Mint Chocolate Chip isn't green, we think you'll thank us for it. When we say Banana Pudding, we really go bananas. By that, we mean we add real, extra-ripe bananas. Not some syrup that comes in a jar. We're not here to fake you out. We're just here to put the smile in your mouth.

'Tis the seasonals

All three shops carry 20+ homemade flavors at a time including about 16 year-round flavors and vegan/nondairy options. Then, we have our seasonal limited releases. Some seasonal flavors - like Peppermint Stick and Gingerbread - are staples. Others come to us in our sweetest of dreams - like our spring Bloombalatti's series. And, some - like a most recent newbie - Matcha Ube - are a literal science experiment crossing ceremonial green tea from Japan with purple yams originating from the Philippines just to see what happens. So what's the best way to take a sneak peek at what's in shops today? Two words - Instagram stories.

Mom & Pop

No, their last name is not Boombalatti's but they are the owners of the three mom & pop Boombalatti's located in The Forum, Downtown and in Hampstead (plus, Sprinkles the vintage VW ice cream bus). They're Wes, Kristen, Airlie and Stella Bechtel. We wouldn't be here without them - the Boombalatti's brains behind the business.

Back to Cool

Speaking of bosses, they took us to ice cream school. Didn’t know it existed? Now you do! We believe in higher education and are proud graduates of Penn State’s Ice Cream short course, the longest-running and largest ice cream class on the planet. From petting cows, to thermodynamics, to sampling almost one hundred flavors created across the United States, we keep our cool by keeping our brains and bellies full!

We couldn't do it without our team.

Thanks to these lovely ladies, your Boombalatti's is served! Visit one of our three locations to try our homemade ice cream. Not from around here? No problem! We ship our ice cream nationwide!


Downtown Manager

Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Cream Pie



Hampstead Manager

Favorite Flavor: Key Lime Pie



Forum Manager

Favorite Flavor: Banana Pudding


Try our managers' favorite flavors with the varsity squad collection.

The Varsity Squad
The Varsity Squad
The Varsity Squad
The Varsity Squad
The Varsity Squad
The Varsity Squad
The Varsity Squad

The Varsity Squad

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Friday night lights up when you pull up ready to play best guest at the potluck. Carrying a Boom box into a party instead of a casserole just hits different. Know what we mean? The Varsity Squad is not only for fans. Even the benchwarmers will learn to pass these pints around. Not that we're competing but if we had one game to win, these would be our starting six.


The Varsity Squad Coollection includes:

Birthday Cake You should eat birthday cake whenever you want White cake batter, vanilla extract and rainbow sprinkles. Candles not included.

Banana Pudding The ultimate Southern dessert! Farm fresh dairy, super ripe bananas, vanilla wafer cookies and whipped topping. Your grandma would approve.

Key Lime Pie Sweet, tangy, delicious. We start with the freshest dairy we can get our hands on, add pure key lime juice and layer in plenty of crushed graham crackers.

Coffee Cookies and Cream Basically two of our favorites combined. Our rich coffee base swirled with chocolate syrup and chocolate sandwich cookies. A staff favorite!

Chocolate Cream Pie Tastes like the ice box pie from that falling apart cookbook your grandma used to have. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbs, chocolate syrup and whipped topping.

Cinnamon Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Soft oatmeal cookies coated in gooey caramel sprinkled with cinnamon and then swirled throughout our sweet cream base. This one's a crowd favorite.

Produced and hand packed in Wilmington, NC.

Please Note: We ship all Boom Boxes on Tuesdays with two-day UPS shipping. You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information on Tuesday and a second email confirmation when your pints have safely made it to their destination. Have a spoon ready!