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October '22 Artist Series Stickers - Seth Prevatte

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Our October Artist of the Month is Seth Prevatte! Seth is a Wilmington, NC local - born and raised. He grew up pouring all of his creativity into skateboarding. He spent years without much sense of purpose at all in his life, but in 2018 his life turned upside down as he gave his life to follow Jesus. Ever since then he's discovered a gift and ability to create artistically he didn’t previously have as his life has become totally free from addiction, anxiety and depression. Freedom is wild and is directly linked to wild creativity. He LOVES brand identity and merchandise design, specifically vintage wear and staying up to date with design trends. It’s dope to create things that you love to wear - with your friends - that has purpose and intention behind each detail. Check out his new merchandise collabs coming soon with @throneroomcreations!

As with all of our artists we paid Seth directly for his work and made a donation in his honor to the charity of his choice: Ground40.

Thanks so much for these designs, Seth!

Sooo… How exactly does this work?

Hey, we’re glad you asked! Shipping ice cream is a little more complicated than shipping an ice cream hat, but no worries. We’ve got this!

First, we only ship our ice cream out on Tuesdays. So when you place your order make a mental note that your pints will be leaving our shop the following Tuesday. We pack your pints into a reusable foam cooler and pack in enough dry ice to keep everything fully frozen for the journey. Once you (or a friend, family member, coworker, perfect stranger) receive the ice cream you’ll want to get it into your freezer to warm up. Nope, not a typo. The dry ice will freezer your ice cream to such a low temperature that your freezer will actually help things get back up to a scoopable temperature. And as for the dry ice? Don’t touch it with your bare hands! Dry ice is so incredibly cold that it can burn you. Just leave the bag of dry ice in a safe location (free from pets or small hands) and the dry ice will sublimate (turn directly into a gas.) See, we told you there was nothing to it.

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