March Artist Series Stickers - Sarah Rushing Doss
March Artist Series Stickers - Sarah Rushing Doss
March Artist Series Stickers - Sarah Rushing Doss
March Artist Series Stickers - Sarah Rushing Doss

March Artist Series Stickers - Sarah Rushing Doss

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Welcome to March, Boom fam! It’s a new month which means we get to announce the newest artist in our 2021 Artist Series lineup: Please put your hands together and welcome Sarah Rushing Doss! Sarah is a painter and muralist living in Wilmington, NC. She earned degrees from UNCW in English Literature and Studio Art with drawing and painting concentrations in 2008. You can find more of her artwork at Rx Restaurant & Bar, which she and her husband James own. Sarah's work, which is generally bold, brightly colored, and expressive, is inspired by her deep connection with nature and by architecture that she encounters in her everyday life. Sarah painted these three designs which we turned into our newest stickers. Look closely and you can even see the brush strokes.

As with all our artists this year we paid Sarah for her work and also made a donation in her honor to the charity of her choice: Nourish NC. Swing by any of our shops to grab a sticker or head to our website. Thanks so much for participating, Sarah!

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